Monday, August 3, 2015

iPad Sales Continue to Plummet

There's something strange going on with Apple's iPad lineup. During Apple's most recent earnings report, the company revealed that year over year sales of its iconic tablet dropped by a whopping 18%. Indeed, sales of Apple's iPad have been on the decline for quite some time now, prompting some to wonder if the tablet market as a whole is on a full fledged decline with no recovery in sight.

Though some believe that the tablet market is poised to bounce back at any moment, recently released data from IDC underscores that consumers simply aren't buying tablets the way they used to. And while Apple still remains the market leader, the overall tablet market is, in fact, trending downwards.

During the second quarter of 2015, there were over 44.7 million tablets shipped. In contrast, there were 48 million tablets shipped during the same quarter a year-ago. And seeing as how the tablet market is contracting at a slower rate than the iPad, Apple's share of the tablet market has naturally gone down as well.

Whereas Apple's iPad last year commanded 27.7% of the tablet market, it's marketshare this past quarter dipped down to 24.5%. While one or two bad quarters can be explained away by a variety of factors, the fact of the matter is that iPad sales have been declining for six straight quarters. That should clearly be cause for concern for the powers that be up at 1 Infinite Loop.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Zorin OS 10 is Here

We read this today:

We are excited to finally announce the release of Zorin OS 10 with the availability of the Zorin OS 10 Core and Ultimate editions.

Zorin OS 10 is our best, most beautiful release yet. We have made major strides with the visual styling in Zorin OS. In addition to the refined & perfected desktop theme and the new default FreeSans desktop font, we have introduced a stunning new icon theme, based on the elementary and elementary-add icon themes. This is its first major overhaul since Zorin OS 2.0.

With Zorin OS 10, we have refreshed the selection of default applications with the addition of a streamlined new Media Player, the gorgeous Geary Mail client, Calendar app and the new Activity Journal, which lets you see the files and documents you have worked with based on duration and the time throughout the day. Our existing app selection has also been treated with updates, bug fixes and design enhancements throughout.

Zorin OS 10 is based on Ubuntu 15.04 and comes pre-installed with the updated Linux Kernel 3.19 & systemd for performance boosts, stronger security and improved hardware support.

As always, Zorin OS 10 uses the Zorin Desktop environment with Zorin Menu for unparalleled customization and the Zorin Look Changer for ultimate ease of use. We also include our Zorin Web Browser Manager to ease the installation of web browsers.

You can download Zorin OS 10 Core or Ultimate from here.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2, the first official follow-up to the immensely popular 2009 game, has been released on iOS and Android.

Since the first Angry Birds was released in 2009, its makers have released a huge range of updates, including Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Epic, as well as tie-ins with other franchises like Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars. But Angry Birds 2 is the first update with  a number — despite not necessarily bringing as many changes as other updates.

Rovio Entertainment, which makes the games, said that the new game adds the option to let players choose which bird they fling and when, adding an element of strategy. The pigs that serve as the game’s enemies also have been updated, bringing with them new constructions that are harder to knock down.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

LG Phone Sales Falter

Korea’s LG shipped a (then) record 14.5 million smartphones in the second quarter of 2014, but now, a year later, it’s a different story. The firm just revealed its Q2 2015 financials and, while not as disastrous as HTC’s, the company itself describes them as “modest.”

The firm, which enjoyed a pretty stellar 2014 during which it doubled profits and shipped 59 million phones, shipped 14.1 million in the last quarter of business which translated to sales of KRW 3.65 trillion ($3.33 billion), a meagre 1 percent increase year-on-year. (It shipped 15.5 million in Q4 2014, and 15.4 million in Q1 2015.)

Calling the last quarter “extremely challenging” across all segments of its business, LG admitted that the market for premium smartphones suffered from lower demand. That said, it claimed to have increased revenue in North America by more than one-third — thanks to its mid-range phones and tablets — while it sold a record 8.1 million LTE smartphones in the quarter.

The company has outed a number of new phones designed to complement its flagship G4, including the G4 Beat, G4 Stylus and G4c — not to mention a mid-range phone for emerging markets. Along that line, the company said it will “more aggressively implement its dual strategy focusing on both premium devices, as well as mid-range smartphones.”

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Win 10 is Finally Here

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system debuts Wednesday, as the longtime leader in PC software hopes that giving the upgrade away for free will help it carve out a new role in a world where people increasingly rely on smartphones, tablets and information stored online.

The company is counting on tens or even hundreds of millions of people to download its latest release in the coming months. Many people will also get Windows 10 as part of new PCs. The launch will be accompanied by a global marketing campaign for an event the company hopes will be pivotal – both for its own future and for a vast audience of computer users around the world.

Windows 10 is coming to PCs and tablets first, but it’s also designed to run phones, game consoles and even holographic headsets. It has new features, a streamlined Web browser called Edge and a desktop version of Cortana, the online assistant that is Microsoft’s answer to Google Now and Apple’s Siri.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What will Win 10 Do?

The next version of Windows, which will start arriving tomorrow, won't do a couple of the things that you'd normally expect a new operating system to do as standard.
It won't immediately make Microsoft a lot of money from licences because it's going to be a free download for the majority of consumers. And it won't provide a much-needed shot in the arm for PC sales either, because many existing PCs will be able to run it, sparing consumers the need to buy a new machine to use the new OS. Windows 10 is the clearest illustration yet of how much the business model around Windows has changed in just a few years.
What Windows 10 will do, however, is fix many of the perceived problems that made Windows 8 so hard to sell: even now, three years after launch, it only has scraped together a 13 percent share of the PC market; Windows 7 (51 percent) and Windows XP (24 percent) still outrank it, according to NetMarketShare.

Monday, July 27, 2015

New Samsung Monitor

Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have a monitor that isn’t just about more screen, more pixels, and more visuals. Samsung today unveiled the SE370, claiming it’s the first monitor with an integrated wireless charging function for mobile devices.

In other words, the poorly named SE370 actually serves more than one purpose. The monitor, which comes in 23.6-inch and 27-inch flavors, has two functions: displaying content and charging your smartphone.

Here’s Samsung’s pitch: The SE370 “declutters work areas by doing away with unnecessary cables and ports needed to charge mobile devices.” More specifically, the monitor works with all mobile devices that use the Qi wireless charging standard.