Friday, October 9, 2015

Sony Drops Playstation Price

Sony's PlayStation 4 is finally getting its price cut.

The electronics giant announced it will trim the price of the video game console from $399.99 to $349.99 in the U.S. beginning October 9. It's the first time Sony has slashed the price of PS4 in the U.S. since it launched November 2013.

"Our goal at PlayStation has always been to offer the best place to play at a compelling value to gamers," said Shawn Layden, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America in a statement Thursday. "We're continuing to deliver on that commitment with this new price for PS4, making the console even more accessible to a broader audience this holiday."

Sony jumped out to an early lead on console sales thanks to a lower initial price of $399, compared to rival Xbox One and its $499 price point. That prompted Microsoft to aggressively cut the price of Xbox One to $349 and ditch its motion sensor Kinect as an additional accessory.

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