Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Playstation VR

Sony Computer Entertainment is hoping to ride the coattails of its top-selling game console, the PlayStation 4, to gain traction in a new market: virtual reality.

On Tuesday, the company said its PlayStation VR, its virtual reality headset that connects with a PlayStation 4, would cost $399 when released in October. The PlayStation VR includes a 5.7-inch screen and multiple sensors for 360-degree head tracking, or the ability to follow where the viewer looks.

In order to use the virtual-reality accessory, consumers will also have to buy the PlayStation Camera, which costs $44. When combined with the price of a PlayStation 4, which is $349, the total cost of owning a PlayStation VR system would be roughly $800. Some consumers may also buy the Move, Sony’s motion-based controller, which costs $40, to use with the new device.

“We leveraged our expertise across engineering and industrial design to create a VR system with the most compelling experiences,” said Andrew House, the chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment, on stage at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

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