Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pokemon Yogurt?

Less than a month since the app launched, Pokemon Go fervor is still high and brands including Zipcar and McDonald's are getting in on the craze. But the game doesn't rely on traditional in-app mobile advertising to make money, and that's causing some brands like Stonyfield to get creative with their messaging.

On Wednesday, the yogurt brand and mobile advertising company Aki Technologies will kick off a four-week campaign targeting 10,000 Pokestops—the virtual landmarks where players collect characters and points—in popular apps consumers often use in conjunction with Pokemon Go, like weather or messaging apps.
"We don't put a lot of dollars onto traditional advertising—we're not on TV, we don't do a lot of print advertising," said Liz Dube, director of digital marketing at Stonyfield. "The idea of tapping into this particular activity using moment marketing seems like a no-brainer idea for us. This is real-time marketing on an extremely personal level."
The idea was born a few weeks ago when Aki noticed its San Francisco office is located near several Pokestops, and the team started thinking about the game's advertising potential. While Pokemon Go is working with McDonald's to create sponsored locations, the full advertising potential of the game isn't clear, and Stonyfield's creative for the campaign came together in two days.

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