Thursday, August 11, 2016

Google Maps News

Google is making its Maps app more accessible to users in emerging markets with two nifty features for the Android version of the service.
The company today announced a Wi-Fi-only option for the Google Maps app for Android — it began testing the feature last month — and it also added support for SD card data download.
The two features might not seem like a huge introduction, but this is a big deal for people who own a budget smartphone with limited internal storage and have a pre-paid or limited data plan.
The Wi-Fi only option will be great for those who travel overseas too, since cuts down on the often limited data plans for travelers, and helps others avoid data roaming charges altogether.
Offline support for Maps has long been a blessing, allowing you to download the data for a city or place before you even visit. But the size of that download can be prohibitive. That makes the additional of SD card support equally as important for those who juggle limited space on their phone, as Google explained in a blog post.

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