Monday, April 24, 2017

Live by EarlySense

By George Harding
This is a unique device designed to measure and analyze your sleep without the use of sensors on your body.

It consists of a disc-shaped device which is powered by a wall socket, and a smartphone app (currently only available for Android, but iOS version is imminent).
The Live unit is placed under your mattress about under your shoulder. You don’t have to do anything but go to sleep. Live keeps track of what you do during the night: get up, roll over, breath and more.
Setup of the Live unit is fairly simple. It must be plugged into a wall socket and the companion app downloaded to your phone. Setup is done through the app, requiring you to create an account and enter information about yourself.
The app connects to the Live unit by Bluetooth, but you  must also have WiFi available.
The unit has a green LED which indicates power is being supplied, and a blue light indicating that it is synched to the app.
The device and app record quite a bit of information about your sleep, including heart rate, rate of breathing, and has a wake-up feature. The app shows in both numerical and graphic form your heart rate during the night and also your breathing rate. As you would expect, both data start at a normal range and gradually decrease until you wake up.
The app provides advice about your sleeping habits and can be used by others as a monitor in case breathing stops.
I found this product to be very interesting and unique among the many health applications that are available today.
Live by EarlySense                   Price $179 currently

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