Monday, September 25, 2017


By Bayle Emlein

Shoebox from Kwilt functions like the shoe boxes where our grandmothers, and maybe parents, stored the photo prints that didn’t make it into the album. Film was expensive, developing pictures was costly and you saved everything, even the negatives. Since “film” is virtually free and waiting a week for your developed pictures to come back is a very dim memory, we now have more photos than we can cope with unless we choose to devote our lives to managing our devices.

Enter the Shoebox. It functions like those cardboard boxes except: it is much smaller; holds a lot more photos, and even videos; and you don’t have to actually crawl to the back of the closet to put pictures in it. It will sell for a single price of $49.99, you download the app–typically to your phone–and either offload or copy your pictures with a few obvious taps.

• Offload phone photos and videos seamlessly on the go
• Enjoy unlimited mobile storage sitting safe at home [limited by the free space on your home device]
• Keep original full resolution photos and videos
• Access your photos and videos from anywhere, on any platform

• Store and access any file type
• Easy photo and video sharing
• Rich mobile photo editing
• Play your photos and videos on your TV (via Kwilt Shoebox HDMI port)
• Directly order custom photo prints from your phone
• Web, Windows and Mac compatibility
• Free Android and iOS apps
• Supports multiple Shoeboxes per account and multiple users per Shoebox

Kwilt offers four intuitive ways to search your photos across all collections and locations to find the picture you are looking for: organize your photos using recent, timeline, place or source filters.

Shoebox is the perfect gift for the person who would otherwise have to buy a new phone for more photo storage. Theoretically one could upload all 6 gazillion photos from the old phone, but none of the phones currently available makes the process quick or easy or fun. One could set up a Shoebox for Great Aunt Alice and connect it to her TV with an HDMI cable so that you can easily keep her up to date with photos of the kids. Shoebox will be on the market well before all those year-end gift-giving opportunities, including my birthday.

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