Thursday, February 1, 2018

Unlimited Data Plans

Almost a year ago, the sudden pivot by AT&T and Verizon to
sell unlimited-data deals such as those offered by Sprint and T-Mobile
might have looked like a soon-to-be-regretted bout of marketing

But none of these carriers have walked back these unmetered-data
deals. And although one third-party study found that AT&T
and Verizon’s networks had slowed under the stress of new unlimited-
data subscribers, OpenSignal’s latest results show America’s two
largest carriers have rebounded.

These more generous offerings remain on the expensive side —
and most also feature fine-print restrictions on streaming video
resolution and the speed of a phone’s mobile-hot spot function.
You should still consider cheaper options that will probably leave
you with data to spare.

(You can easily check your monthly data use in Android in the S
ettings app, but Apple’s data gauge tracks your usage from when
you first got an iPhone, making it useless in practice. Check your
bill instead.)

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