Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What will Win 10 Do?

The next version of Windows, which will start arriving tomorrow, won't do a couple of the things that you'd normally expect a new operating system to do as standard.
It won't immediately make Microsoft a lot of money from licences because it's going to be a free download for the majority of consumers. And it won't provide a much-needed shot in the arm for PC sales either, because many existing PCs will be able to run it, sparing consumers the need to buy a new machine to use the new OS. Windows 10 is the clearest illustration yet of how much the business model around Windows has changed in just a few years.
What Windows 10 will do, however, is fix many of the perceived problems that made Windows 8 so hard to sell: even now, three years after launch, it only has scraped together a 13 percent share of the PC market; Windows 7 (51 percent) and Windows XP (24 percent) still outrank it, according to NetMarketShare.

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