Wednesday, September 16, 2015

iOS 9 will be smaller

A new version of Apple's mobile operating system out Wednesday promises to take much less space than previous editions, a salve for folks worried about an upgrade playing havoc with their iPhones and iPads.

The new iOS 9 software, which Apple will release Wednesday, is only 1.4 gigabytes — down from the whopping 4.6 GB of the previous iOS update, which took up one-third of the entry-level 16 GB iPhone's space.

Apple updates its operating system every fall, offering its army of more than 1 billion mobile device owners some new features without having to buy a new iPhone or iPad.

The marquee features on the upcoming iPhone 6S — 3D Touch shortcuts and improved camera, including 4K video recording, will not come to older iPhone owners using the new iOS.

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