Monday, January 11, 2016

Wearables at CES

Hundreds of companies flock to Las Vegas each January to make their mark on the tech industry in a given year, but one company remains absent. Apple doesn't attend CES, at least not officially, but the company's influence looms over the annual tech convention at nearly every turn, particularly the wearable segment.

While it was rarely mentioned by name, nearly every booth I visited included an Apple Watch reference. Fitbit highlighted how its new fitness tracker, the Fitbit Blaze, was different than other devices on the market. "It's puts fitness first," explained CEO James Park during the company's press event.

Apple wasn't the only major wearable player absent: most of Google's Android Wear platform was a non-factor at this year's show. A few companies like Casio showed off new Android Wear watches, but the news at CES wasn't about smartwatches: it was about fitness, once again. Fitness is still what sells wearable tech, and the electronics industry knows it. Also, the New Year's resolution timing couldn't be better.

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