Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New HP Laptop

Dion Weisler, the chief executive of HP Inc., recently held out a bulky laptop that was the pride of 2012. “This is the laptop we had when I came here,” he said.

He opened it to reveal another HP laptop within its hollowed-out insides. Then he opened that machine to produce another smaller and lighter laptop. Like the last in a set of nested Russian dolls, a final and even more slender laptop emerged from inside the third machine.

“Pretty spectacular, right?” said Mr. Weisler, a toothy and optimistic Australian.

It was an impressive visual trick — and one with a point. On Tuesday, Mr. Weisler will publicly introduce a personal computer similar to the slimmest one he brought out of the nested machines, with a 13.3-inch screen but even thinner. At less than 11 millimeters thick (less than half an inch), he said, it beats the best effort by Apple and shows that HP’s PCs are still hip and innovative. In fact, HP has made a small number of the new slim laptops in gold and diamonds, to be sold for $25,000 each for charity, with the unveiling planned for a New York Times Luxury Conference in Paris.

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