Thursday, June 9, 2016

New Pentax dSLR

Ricoh Imaging has just officially announced the Pentax K-70, an advanced yet affordable upper entry-level DSLR slated to succeed the Pentax K-50 (now discontinued) and K-S2.  In terms of specifications, this new camera is very similar to the K-S2, though it also debuts a few new autofocus technologies and inherits advanced features from the K-3 II, including a 24-megapixel sensor resolution and Pixel Shift support.

The K-70 is being launched at $649 in the US— well below its predecessors.   The increased feature set available at a lower price point suggests a shift in the camera market to which Pentax is adapting very well.  Gone are the days of basic DSLRs!

Like most Pentax DSLRs, the K-70 is fully weather-sealed and designed for outdoor use.  The articulating LCD has a new red light mode to allow you to adjust your vision to the darkness while out photographing stars.  It also has an outdoor view setting that can greatly brighten/dim the backlight as needed.

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