Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Brand Loyalty

Everyone has a price. It would take more than $220,000 to bribe customers away from their favorite product, according to a study by Rbb Communications.
The fourth annual Breakout Brands survey found for 43% of American consumers surveyed, no amount of money is enough, and 93% of this group would actually pay more for a brand they feel an emotional connection with (a 10% increase from 2012 survey results).
The report offers insights on the benefit of reward programs and details what consumers expect from brands in the next five years. It also lists consumer picks of the top ten Breakout Brands in the U.S. This year, Apple bumped last year’s winner, Amazon, to take the number one spot.
The survey reinforces the importance of creating emotional connections between buyers and brands, says Christine Barney, CEO, Rbb Communications.

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