Thursday, June 29, 2017

Digital Experience Part 10

By Bayle Emlein

It turns out you can get There from Here. Not only that, once you’re here you’ll be able to park. For under $2,000 I can guarantee you a parking place just about anywhere you go. Actually, it’s Espin bikes than can do that for you.

For less effort than it would take you to drive to work in San Francisco and less expensive than parking downtown in any city, you can ride an Espin bike. (A couple of years ago I heard about someone buying his own parking place in San Francisco. For $82,000. Yup, those are 3 zeroes after the comma.)

Technically, an Espin bike is pedal assisted. That means you can just leave the battery off and ride it like the old-fashioned kind of bike. With the battery, which takes around four hours for a full charge, you have 25 to 50 miles of battery assistance for hills (aka San Francisco) and just for when you’re tired.

The recommended weight limit is 250 pounds and the rear rack can hold up to 55 pounds. Demo rides are available in San Francisco (corporate home) and Los Angeles, which has more hills than you’d think if you haven’t tried walking or biking in the county. Check the Espin website for appointments if you’re on the west coast and want to try out an ebike.

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