Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More from Digital Experience

By Bayle Emlein

VAVA had two new products to show off at the spring Digital Experience Expo. The VAVA Dash Cam and the VAVA Voom 22 wireless bluetooth speakers. Even if the speakers didn’t look cool and sound even better, I’d want them so I could say, “Vava Voom” all day and well into the night, and still make sense.

Dash cams have moved into the everyday utilitarian space. Not yet required (for insurance purposes) on autos in the US, they still document road events handsfree. The VAVA dash cam has 360° swivel and an 140° wide-angle lens to capture events inside or outside the car. My favorite ploy for quieting the kids is to let them know the camera is pointed at them. Another cool VAVA feature: dual parking modes. Either record constantly or automatically switch on when unexpected activity is detected.

Since being parked is the most hazardous step of my drive in The Big City, I’m very interested in this feature. Wonder if they have stickers for my car that warn folks who cut parallel parking just a bit to close to Don’t Even Think of Brushing my Bumper, the way home and store security cams warn that you’re on Candid Camera.

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