Monday, June 5, 2017

Digital Experience - Part 4

By Bayle Emlein

Kingston Technology is approaching its 30th birthday in a setting where most of the companies who pitch at trade shows don’t even make it all the way to market. Insofar as is imaginable in an environment that defines the logarithmic speed of change in the post-industrial world, Kingston is still in the same business--manufacturing the memory components that hold it all together. Details have changed, but the focus on reliable leading-edge memory remains at the core. In addition to finding Kingston memory embedded in devices you purchase, you’ll want to add DataTraveler flash drives and Kingston SD cards, USB flashcards and readers to your shopping list. For the dad or grad who has everything except enough space, any of these make a perfect way to show you remember; and it’s not too early to start thinking about holiday shopping.

The current star is the 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate, proving that digital memory is just like storage in a new home: no matter how much space there is, you’ll find that in a week you can collect enough valuable items to fill to capacity and want even more storage. Legendary Kingston reliability means that I have a better chance in the digital world of finding my stuff than I do in the closets and cupboards of my dwelling, where I would like just one more closet please.

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