Monday, November 2, 2015

ChromeOS Lives On

The tech world got an early Halloween scare Thursday evening when the Wall Street Journal reported Google would “fold” Chrome OS into Android sometime in the next two years.
The morning after, the truth is looking murkier. Google itself has denied that Chrome OS is going away, and several other reports also claim the browser-based operating system will stick around in some form.

What just happened? Let’s dive into what we know.

Why this matters: Android and Chrome OS have lived side-by-side for years, mostly in harmony. Android is optimized for phones and tablets. Chrome OS has touch capabilities but runs on laptops and desktops. While the lines between these device categories are blurring, with more shared features across the two platforms, the Journal’s report was the first recent indication that a full merger was underway. And it was the first to explicitly call Chrome OS’s future into doubt.

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