Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Android Wearable

The Rufus Cuff, an Android OS wearable, looks like something out of a science fiction TV show. It's possibly the only device out there that can't be categorized using regular criteria. It could be either a smartband or a full-fledged tablet, or maybe something in-between, or maybe none of those things at all. If anything, the Rufus Cuff is more or less the wearable Android tablet for your wrist, one that might feel more aesthetically at home on the U.S.S. Enterprise than in the local supermarket—but it might also be the only current wearable looking for an entirely new definition.

Created by the eponymous Rufus Labs, the Rufus Cuff is the product of an Indiegogo campaign the tech firm launched in 2014. Advertised as "a revolutionary new take on wrist real estate," the Cuff is more of a wrist communicator than a smartwatch or smartband, and its highlighted voice and video call feature makes sure to differentiate its designation.

Despite the fact that the wearable minitablet looks a bit encumbering, with a 3.2-inch touchscreen (available in Jet Black, Turbo Red, and White Out) and a thick, interchangeable silicone wristband that comes in eight different colors, the Rufus Cuff more or less includes the same slew of basic features as comparable devices like the Apple Smartwatch: apps from music to fitness, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectors for web access. And even though it's an Android, the wearable is also compatible with both Android and Apple iOS.

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