Wednesday, February 8, 2017


By George Harding

A geo-fence is a concept that is unfamiliar to most people, but it is a concept that will become better known soon.

A geo-fence is a contained area which can be identified by electronics, but is invisible otherwise. It can be used to identify an area beyond which an object may not move, or may not enter.

There has been a similar methodology used to keep your dog in its yard. This method used buried wires which transmit a mild electric shock to the dog when it nears the “fence.”

A geo-fence, however, uses electronic signals, such as Bluetooth or the Internet, to identify the edges of an area. The size and shape can be defined as needed for the application involved.

One of the home security cameras that I have reviewed uses a geo-fence to identify when you are at home or are out of the house. When you are at home, the device does not trigger motion signals, but when you leave it does.

Geo-Net is a company prepared  to deliver the necessary methodology to define an area of any size or shape, for whatever purpose a client may need.

One important use would be to keep drones outside airport zones. Each drone would have to have electronics to pick up the Geo-Fence signal and prevent entry into the prohibited area.

Autonomous cars can have electronic equipment installed that would enforce lane boundaries.

The future holds many opportunities for an application such as this.

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