Friday, February 10, 2017

SpotCam Sense

SpotCam Inc., this week announced the SpotCam Sense camera series, a comprehensive all-in-one home monitoring and security solution for families. SpotCam Sense is smarter than most home IP security cameras, featuring built-in humidity, temperature, and lux meters to keep track of home vitals. Bundled with free 24-hour recording, it’s the best option for monitoring the home or office. SpotCam Sense Pro, an IP65-rated weatherproof version is also available for outdoor installation.
Professional Video Quality for Live Monitoring and Recording
The SpotCam Sense series has full HD 1080P high resolution and a 155° ultra wide viewing angle, a vast improvement from most other cameras in the market which only provide angles below 100°. It has high viewing performance in the dark with twelve high-power IR LEDs. The camera uses the same Sony Exmor image sensor found in top-end Sony cameras, for high dynamic range and outstanding low light performance.
Don’t Just See – Sense the Home’s Surroundings
SpotCam Sense is more than just a regular IP camera – it includes built-in humidity, temperature, and lux sensors to monitor home vitals. Users can set their SpotCam to notify them if the temperature drops below or rises above a certain level, or if lights are turned on when no one should be home. Together with advanced motion and sound detection alerts, these options provide families more information than ever for monitoring their home – perfect for those with sensitive plants, pets, furniture, or loved ones requiring delicate controlled conditions.
Increase Awareness with SpotCam’s Built-in Siren
SpotCam Sense’s included siren can be configured to alert users at home even when their phones are off or unavailable, e.g. if the baby wakes up, or the temperature suddenly drops. The siren can also be set to ward off possible intruders when no one is home.
The Only Free 24/7 Cloud Video Storage
SpotCam is the only company offering full 24/7 cloud video recording. Most other companies only store short clips triggered by motion detection. SpotCam Sense allows users to review their last 24 hours of recorded video without requiring any subscription fee. Plus, each device includes built-in memory, so in the event of connection loss the device continues to store video without interruption. After Internet is restored, SpotCam Sense automatically uploads that footage to the cloud so no moment is lost.
Free Time-Lapse Function and Two-way Audio Recording
SpotCam Sense includes a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way audio to communicate with pets and loved ones. It supports up to 8x digital zoom. Users can also use the SpotCam website to easily make time-lapse videos from recorded video  – convenient for reviewing hours of footage in a short period of time, or just for sharing with friends!
Keep Watch Outside the Home with SpotCam Sense Pro
Those who would prefer to have SpotCam keep watch of their backyard, garage, or other outdoor properties can opt for SpotCam Sense Pro – it includes all of the Sense’s features, but in a resilient, IP65-rated weatherproof enclosure.
Works with Most Popular Smart Home Platform - IFTTT
SpotCam also offers IFTTT integration for 3rd party applications, such as Amazon Alexa, Nest Thermostat, and Phillips Hue, to connect your house to the world. Also, the SpotCam cloud service offers social media integration to share that special video moment to Facebook or YouTube with only one click.
Price and Availability
SpotCam Sense and SpotCam Sense Pro is available from February for $199 and $249 respectively in the US.

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