Monday, March 13, 2017

And Here's More

By Robert Sanborn

Jamo is the Scandinavian design of audio and speakers. Take a look at the Jamo Soundbar from CES.

Klipsch also has a CES webpage worth taking a look at especially my favorite, the Mid-Century Magnificent table top speaker. From Klipsch came my favorite quote: “stop buying crap audio, it’s embarrassing”.  An interesting part of their presentation was about EyeLock. This is a company that Voxx partnered with three years ago, and then purchased them two years ago. Looks like they might have something after all.

Casio has always been one of my favorite press events to go to and see what they think is exciting and usually, they are not far off. Their watch lineup is something to lust after and I am not sure I want the Edifice EQB-600 or the ProTrek Smart Watch WSD-F20. Could go with both but the prices are high but they have everything. Smarter, thinner, GPS, locations, tracking, and more and more. $390 for the Edifice on Amazon and $500 for the other.

Another pre show event I look into is the Showstoppers Launchit.  Each year, they bring in several companies in the launch stage to meet and present before a panel of people to tell them whether their product might be worth investing in. Quite interesting to see the products and hear about their chances of success which in most cases might be pretty slim but I think each of them go away with some really sound advice.  What amazes me is the number of options for companies to get funded from Kick Starter to Indigogo, Angel Lists, and the like. Ok, how about your own personal laundry folding machine? Foldimate.  Another cool thing was a speaker that only you can hear. For someone who doesn’t like ear buds, this might be just the thing for me. And there were a lot more but I had to leave early. The winner of the event was Nonda. Take a look.

LG was another massive press event. What they will be doing for 2017 is making a big investment in car assist systems. They are also making a big push to connect everything in the home with their DeepThinQ technology which you can read about here. How about a refrigerator with a flat panel screen that not only allows you to surf the web, find recipes, but also look inside the fridge to see what is there. Also, a robot that becomes an airport assistant for travelers and of course, the super UHD televisions using a new nano technology to create a high quality image no matter where you sit. Their studies discovered that 90 percent of television watchers don’t sit in the sweet spot in front of it. Biggest reason the curved TVs are going away. Creating new sound also with Dolby Atmos Sound which is a higher technology sound from your set and speakers. And finally, there is “wall paper”, the super thin, 2.57mm thick screen that attaches to the mounting bracket on the wall with magnets. WOW!

And the show had yet to get underway

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