Friday, March 31, 2017

Casio Smartwatch

If you're always late because your analogue watch is off by a few minutes, then perhaps Casio's new timepieces will save you from future embarrassment.

The Japanese watchmaker will soon be releasing a new set of wristwatches that incorporates a module called the "Connected Engine 3-way." That's fancy speak for a system that uses a combination of GPS, radio waves and your phone's timeserver function.

This results in a wristwatch that will always show accurate time from anywhere in the world, auto-adjusting itself to match the current timezone without ever needing adjustment. Energy consumption will also get better, as the GPS receiver of the new module uses 25 percent of what the original did, while the GPS antenna is now 20 percent smaller. The original Connected Engine used in some Casio watches has been upgraded, so it can connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

The newest watch to feature the new module will be the GPW-2000 in the "Gravitymaster" set, and will be available on May 19. It's an aviation-based concept and the watch's face includes similar dials to the altimeters you'd see in a cockpit.

The GPW-2000 can also display your location on the watch face and comes with a "flight log" function that syncs with the G-Shock phone app. It also features solar self-charging, so you'll never be short of battery power.

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