Monday, March 20, 2017

Vihoo Indiegogo Offer

Vihoo has announced the launch of their aerospace-engineered Phone Ring on Indiegogo, March 16th, designed by a NASA engineer.

In light of the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, Vihoo re-designed the phone case into a premium aluminum phone ring that embraces the iPhone with a simple click, and preserves the look and feel of iPhones as Apple designers intended. The two-piece hinged, diamond-cut, anodized premium aluminum ring offers the smoothest iPhone experience yet. In combination with Vihoo’s Ultra Premium shatterproof, full-screen rounded edge 3D Corning Glass Protector called “The Schild Visor”, users can “take the edge off”, resulting in a seamless user experience.

The iPhone accessories market has seen rapid growth with each release of a new model, and in just the first two weeks of a new release, consumers buy more than $250 million of accessories. However, the more beautiful and rigid the iPhone design evolves, the thicker and larger, the rubber and plastic cases become; morphing the iPhone into walkie-talkies-looking phones.  More than 30% of iPhone users don't like or use cases due to their size and look, and unlike other phone cases, the Vihoo Phone Ring respects your choice to keep your phone simple and elegant.

With this in mind, Vihoo founders, Harry and Jack, rolled out a design that makes the case for iPhone users who hate covering the intended design of their phone with chunky, rubber cases and complicated application processes.  

“Our Phone Ring actually came out of our trying to build the best possible stand for our new wireless Phone PC project---an ultra thin,wireless smart device utilizing artificial intelligence and adaptive learning with gesture control to improve the user experience, says Harry Reninger- Co-Founder Vihoo Inc. We love Apple engineering and hated to put a rubber/plastic case on our iPhones. We wanted to create a best-in-class protection system while maintaining the look and feel of the phone itself.”

The Phone Ring’s patent pending hinge technology, allows for a hassle-free application with hinges that open at the bottom and once the phone is placed inside, magnets help click it close, with no interference to your phone’s signal. This level of engineering extends to the patent pending Crash Zone Technology. Co-founder, Jack's former NASA aerospace engineering has applied fracture dynamics to the Phone Ring, embedded in all four corners of the phone to absorb impact, plus dense cushioning, lining the sides and the strength of the magnets itself.

Consumers will have the chance to pre-order exclusively on Indiegogo the Vihoo Phone Ring and Premium Corning Glass Protector combination for $40, which will retail for $80. The Phone Ring will also be offered individually for $25, retail for $39.95, in the iPhone classic colors as well as the top 10 Pantone colors for 2017.

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