Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Huawei P10

Huawei has thrown every possible feature at the P10, its new flagship phone that debuted yesterday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The phone is available in eight colours and even with a ceramic white finish. In a word it's gorgeous, and while it looks slippery like the jet black iPhone, it actually has some stickiness to it, which gives it grip, but more on that later.

Like the LG G6 and the new Sony Xperia line up – also unveiled at Mobile World Congress – the Huawei P10 now includes Gorilla Glass 5, so the phone should survive most drops from up to 1.6 metres.

The device is stupidly thin – much thinner than the other flagships on display. Like those other flagships, it is also quite narrow, making it easier to grip and still hit most touch targets on the screen. Huawei was quite proud to tell us that despite its thinness, there is no camera bump on the back of the phone, in a nod to current iPhones.

The P10 continues the maker's partnership with Leica, first seen in the P9 and continued in the Mate 9. It's utilises similar dual lens technology as seen in the iPhone 7 Plus. I've written many times on the dual lenses of Huawei phones, and how I prefer it's portrait mode to the iPhone's.

It's sometimes more aggressive in applying "fauxkeh", or fake bokeh, making the images look a little odd at times, but at any time you can pull focus after you've taken the photo, to calm it down a little. The ability to pull focus in post is something I wish the iPhone 7 Plus would adopt. And at least in my testing, when shooting an 18-month-old toddler, the Huawei always grabs a useable shot whereas the iPhone needs a subject that moves a little slower.

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