Monday, November 13, 2017

Bagel Labs

By Bayle Emlein

In 2016, Bagel Labs launched the world’s first smart tape measure. Incorporating customer requests and suggestions into their next product, they plan to start manufacturing Bagel Square in November. Bagel Square combines a tape measure and a laser distance meter. The 5-meter (=16 feet) metal tape pulls out just like traditional tape measures, but reports to a widescreen digital display that connects to your smartphone through the Bagel app so that you can save and combine measurements and easily share them. For spaces where you can reach both ends, flick a button on the Bagel Square and it’s in laser mode. Measure space up to 30 meters (90.4 feet). Bagel Square has a 9-axis motion sensor to analyze the direction of each measurement and record it as a vector.

Watch the product video at and you’ll understand why you want a Bagel Square.

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