Sunday, November 5, 2017

Lifepack Hustle

By Bayle Emlein

The rucksack has entered the 21st Century. The Hustle collection of Lifepack packs and shoulder bags meets the needs of the millennial professional. They are solar powered and anti-theft.

Solar powered? Solar charging batteries keep all that essential 21st Century gear juiced up no matter how far off the grid you take it. The Hustle pack has a waterproof nylon cover you can pull out of its invisible pocket to be sure that everything stays dry in a downpour.

Anti-theft? Welcome to the 21st Century. An anti-cut layer of plastic and a retractable cable lock with a 3-digit combination lock the pack, attach your gear to the pack or the pack to a fixed object. An anti-shock foam pad at the bottom of the Lifepack protects your electronics from hard landings. Lots of organized storage keeps said gear in its place and accessible.

Solgaard’s goal is to have all pre-ordered Hustle packs and shoulder bags delivered by December. Instead of a little something in someone’s stocking, why not give a person you really care about something really nice to stuff. That person could be you.

Look for them at Make your fingers leave the >M< off at the end, and note that the letter >A< is doubled.

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