Saturday, November 4, 2017

Energizer Hard Case

By Bayle Emlein

You know what Energizer does: it keeps going and going. Avenir Telecom, one of the leading providers in Europe, has partnered with Energizer to develop chargers, cables, and surge protectors. At ShowStoppers in September, the afternoon before the opening of Mobile World Congress Americas, they featured two prototype models of telephone. The first is Energizer® Smartphone Hard Case H550S.

The Hard Case H550S is dustproof, waterproof, and drop tested. At 11.1mm, it is the thinnest device in its category. A “Gorilla Glass 3” screen is built in and it comes with an extra Asahi tempered glass screen protector. It sports a 16MP back camera.

Energizer Powermax P600S is a consumer product with a long-lasting battery for all day use. The curved edgeless screen of the 600S offers high-quality viewing on the Gorilla Glass screen.

Both phones will have a 4500mAh battery of granting the users twice as much time than the average smartphones of the market. Also like the other phones in the line, the Powermax P600S maintains a thin and elegant design.

Energizer lightning, USB-C and Micro-USB cables. for and are already available around the world through Avenir Telecom. A rugged smartphone that can keep on going and has style will be a nice addition to their product line and to consumer choice.


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