Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Oclean One

By Bayle Emlein

Did you know that both Germany and the US have more owners of electronic toothbrushes than manual ones? The stats don’t mention usage, just ownership. Taking advantage of the trend to electrify everything and then tether it to the Internet via an app, the engineers and developers at Omate came up with a customizable sonic toothbrush, the Oclean One. The Oclean One has built-in gyroscope which can detect motion, angle, and pressure. The chipset uses an intelligent algorithm to analyze the data detected by the sensor. Using the app, your phone can give you statistics about your oral health care and you can access information about your oral care habits and use the info to improve brushing habits.

Oclean One has three modes (cleaning, whitening, and massage) and four intensity settings, for a total of twelve different combinations. Coupled with time variance, you have a choice of thousands of plans for any oral care need imaginable. A sonic toothbrush is more effective than manual or automatic models in removing plaque and whitening teeth.

The body of the Oclean One is sleek and fits nicely in the hand. The body surface is anti-bacterial and anti-fouling and the whole body is washable. The battery charges in 3.5 hours and a charge lasts 60 days. Charge before you go and the Oclean is good for most vacations.

A toothbrush may not be the most romantic gift possibility displayed at ShowStoppers for the Mobile World Congress Americas. But it will help you and those you care about deal more effectively with the overindulgences of the holidays. And is certainly more pleasant than an emergency trip to the dentist.

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