Monday, January 23, 2017

A&D Medical Mobile Help

By Bayle Emlein

A&D Medical develops and distributes medical devices. Where appropriate they partner with other companies to include their devices in to solutIons A&D offers. MobileHelp is one such company.
In the 40 years A&D has noted some trends in the delivery of medical services to:
*Patient centric
*Connected health
*Cost efficient
*Chronic condition management
The focus has moved from event-based care to health management, from physician managed care to active patient self-management.

What makes things work for consumers? That is, what ensures compliance? Affordability, ease of use, how it looks. Focus groups reveal that folks want their stuff to look "normal," not like a medical device.
The MobileHelp device looks like a handheld device. Warnings and reminders are delivered. Data, such as weight and blood pressure, are automatically reported. This ensures both better long-term compliance with health routines and ongoing monitoring. These features as well as the ability to report emergencies reduce costs, including those for hospital readmissions. This is above the emotional and energy costs for caregivers.
MobileHelp is a model of a nationally available health monitoring system. If you're reading this, chances are you're not currently looking for health management support for yourself. That's the best time for  investigation. If you know someone who might soon need such a system to remain out of an institution, start introducing the normalcy of self-care and self-monitoring now.

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