Friday, January 27, 2017

Life is Good

By Bayle Emlein

LG continues to lead the way in improving consumer life. The Signature OLED TV W provides the most immersive viewer experience to date with the widest possible viewing angle, richer colors, blacker blacks, better detail resolution, and a paper thin screen that sits flat on the wall, giving the sensation of looking through a real window into a world beyond. With enhanced audio, it sounds like you are really there. Working with Dolby and Technicolor, LG partners with experts in every field to yield the best possible user experience.
LG robots clean the floor, mow the lawn, and do the laundry learning your individual  situation and adjusting as they operate. At an airport near you, a friendly robot can provide directions and confirm gate locations. (How about a demo at CES? A robot that really knows where things are and how to get there from here at each corridor intersection. The InstaView refrigerator works with Amazon to monitor it's contents and even order delivery of groceries, per user specifications. It will order up your music too. As of 2017 all LG home appliances will be connected through the WebOS.
LG also operates in the personal vehicle arena. The Driver State Monitoring System monitors--and suggests corrections to--a driver's focus.

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