Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Acronis Tru Image 2017 New Generation Backup

By George Harding

There are many programs for saving your vital data and programs, some separate programs, some built into the operating system. One which has been around for many years is Acronis, a program provided by a Russian company.

Acronis has had a backup program for many operating systems, providing a new version as operating systems have changed. The result is a proliferation of different versions, each doing essentially the same job. The most recent version, however, does backup and considerably more.

The newest version, called Tru Image 2017 New Generation, offers protection from ransomware, Notary, which assures that data you’ve backed up is authentic and unchanged, Security, which makes sure that data is secure against intervention or alteration, Cloud backup and Mobile backup.

This program does a lot, yet is easy to use. A free trial is available.

Acronis Tru Image 2017 New Generation
Price $80 for one year

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