Friday, January 6, 2017


Snapdragon is the heart of the chips Qualcomm provides OEM's to create leading edge products. Keith Kressin, Senior Vice President for Product Development, reviewed the speed with which technology has improved communication among people. Adding communication among things is the next revolution. Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips have enabled the Internet of Things.
This year's release of the Snapdragon 835 chip removes about a third of the real estate occupied by its predecessor. This means less heat, more room for other components. In addition:
*improved battery life  adds 2.5 hours of talk time per phone charge
*immersion means faster, blurless video rendering and 3-D directional audio
*capture means a better camera is possible. The manufacturer chooses which features this power will incorporate
*connectivity at fiber optic speeds gives the same uninterrupted experience found at the most desirable wired setting
*built in security keeps it all working seamlessly
*machine learning enables ongoing individualizations and improvement

What's next?

Raj Talluri, Qualcomm Senior Vice President for Product Management, noted that mobile devices are in a unique position to manage the Internet of Things. One example is AR/VR glasses, in which  the Snapdragon chip is so light that it can be included in fashionable glasses. The same features of size and reliability are reflected by Qualcomm's inclusion in 80% of wearables.

Patrick Little, Qualcomm Senior Vice President for Automotive Development, is excited to be working with several auto manufacturers to address carbon pollution and also to enable autonomous vehicles. Integrated Snapdragon 820A chips promise a seamless user experience, where entering a vehicle does not mean any change in behavior. Sensors will quickly adapt to the environment and select the best response. Coming to a vehicle in your near future, cellular V2X (vehicle to anything) will enable communication with any device. For example, your car will note that someone with her face buried in her phone stepped off a curb half a block away.

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