Monday, January 2, 2017

Flight to LAS

Once again we're on our way to The City of Lost Wages (better known as Las Vegas) for our annual CES trip. I know, it's a hard life but someone has to do it. An editor"s work is never done.

Over the years CES has gone by quite a few names, most recently it's just CES. Before that it was the International CES and before that it was the Consumer Electronics Show. It's kind of like our blog, the MCC. Before that it was the Monthly Computer Chronicle and before that the PHL HUB PCUG (short for the Philadelphia HUB PC User Group). MCC is much easier to remember!

As a perfect example of how things change over time, I'm writing this on my cell phone, an LG G Flex. In the almost 25 years I've been going to Vegas for trade shows I've used many different devices to write my columns. Various laptops of course, a slew of WinCE devices (Windows CE, gone and probably best forgotten), several PDAs and now cell phones. Times change and we need to change too. I wonder what I'll be using in five years?

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