Thursday, January 4, 2018


By Bayle Emlein
Aura picture frames, that is. Just in time for the holidays, brought their style-conscious and feature-
rich digital photo frames to show off at Pepcom’s Holiday
Spectacular in San Francisco.

Fashionably designed Aura picture frames add light to
your photography. Aura digital picture frames come with
both a table stand and a wall hook. They even include
the nail for hanging the 3.2 pound frame. A cable tie and
4 cable wall mounts complete the package. The 10" by
11.75" by 0.75" display comes in choice of four color
schemes: cobalt with brass trim; charcoal with black trim,
crystal blue with silver trim; and ivory with rose gold trim.
For those who are concerned with doing good while
living good, Aura, in collaboration with charity: water,
has created a limited edition crystal blue smart frame,
producing only 500 frames, each with its production
number etched into the back. For every frame sold,
Aura will donate $60 to charity: water to fund the creation
of three wells. Each month, Aura will publish a new
collectible image to your frame taken by a charity: water
photographer, helping to keep you connected to the
cause of clean water.
Although once purchased, Aura charges no subscription
fee, owners have unlimited upload space to store photos,
rotate them through display, and even share with others
on their account. Think of sharing family photos with
grandparents or distant friends. Aura even allows you
to pre-select photos to appear on the frame as soon as
they receive it. The picture frame and the database are
private and secure. You can invite anyone to participate.
Aura offers even more organizational features that enhance
its value. Automatically create collections of the people
who you take pictures of most often. The Smart Selection
feature can be used to update the frame with new photos
as they are taken. No need to regularly do the dance to
find an app to select photos, upload, download . . .
The Aura Ultra-High Density Display promises that your
photos will look as good on the 9.7 inch back-lit LED
display at 2048x1536 pixels, as they do on your phone.
Slideshow Mode rotates through selected photos at the
speed you choose. Auto Dimming adjusts the display to
the perfect brightness, and automatically goes to sleep
when the room gets dark. If you read the Harry Potter
books carefully, you’ll remember that picture frames
with half these features were evidence of magic.

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