Friday, January 12, 2018


TiVo, a global leader in consumer entertainment technology,
took advantage of Pepcom’s October 28 Holiday Spectacular
in San Francisco to demonstrate several additions to the their
latest advancements in hardware and user experience. TiVo
introduced the TiVo BOLT VOXTM and TiVo Mini VOXTM.
TiVo VOX Remote™ is part of the new product line. Viewers
can search by voice across live TV, DVR, video-on-demand
and online streaming services.

The visually rich, on-screen TiVo experience  with enhanced
usability includes built-in personalized recommendations and
intelligent predictions based on viewing habits. to help users
sort through the ever-expanding array of TV choices.  VOX
Remote™ empowers a user to use natural speech to refine
searches. For example, you can ask to be shown, “Westerns
where someone says, ‘Make my day’.”
Users can also request the ever-popular Tivo SkipMode™
to bypass commercial breaks. Upon verbal request, OnePass™
will scan multiple outlets to have locate episodes of a series.
Spend your time engrossed in the shows of your choice instead
of searching for something to watch. The system is backwards
compatible: owners of previous versions of TiVo BOLT, TiVo
Roamio and first-generation TiVo Mini can upgrade to voice
control by purchasing a separate TiVo VOX Remote for just
The TiVo Mini VOXTM enables users to bring the same
viewing and voice control experiences to every room in their
home that has a modern television.

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