Friday, January 5, 2018


PowerVision drones are for the serious outdoors person. The
PowerRay is an underwater drone that can help locate fish,
either for fishing or for marine management. The mobile app
can send information on fish distribution, underwater
temperature, depth, underwater landscape.

PowerEye provides a range of 3.1 miles of aerial
reconnaissance. A sensor will trigger an alarm when an obstacle
is detected within 33 feet, protecting both the camera and the
scenery. It comes with a 4K aerial camera and supports the ability
to change lenses. The module can be equipped with a flashlight,
loudspeaker, gas detection device, panoramic camera or tilt
The PowerEgg could also have professional and commercial uses.
The ease of deployment and operation makes it a perfect candidate
for getting a new perspective on your everyday world.  

While all of these were on display at at Pepcom’s Holiday
Spectacular in San Francisco on October 28, there were no
demonstrations in the Metreon City View Room. Despite the
proximity to both San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean,
even the PowerRay appeared in a video.

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