Thursday, January 11, 2018


Notion is a complete home awareness solution, powered by a
multi-functional sensor and comprehensive IoT data analytics,
that monitors things like motion, water leaks, temperature, and
alarms, and delivers notifications about their entire home to
homeowners no matter where they are.

Notion has partnered with three of the top five home insurance
providers in the country to offer a cost-effective loss mitigation
system and home telematics solution. “At Notion, it’s our mission
to build products and services that give homeowners peace of mind
and ultimately empower them to live better, more present lives. That’s
what complete home awareness means to us,” said Brett Jurgens,
Co-Founder and CEO of Notion.
Notion’s starter packs have a bridge and either 3 or 5 sensors. Each
sensor is identical and multi-functional, from monitoring doors opening
and closing, to observing temperature, to detecting water leaks or a
sounding alarm. In the year preceding  Pepcom’s San Francisco Holiday
Spectacular, the company sent more than four million notifications and
has saved homeowners across the country over half a million dollars in
property damage.  
“We’re excited to work with Notion to materially change the way the
insurance industry operates, ” said d Toshi Otani, Co-Founder and
Managing Director at TransLink Capital, as he joined the Notion board
of directors.
Given than almost anyone can take a notion to do just about anything,
a cue to take a notion to go to could get you
there more efficiently

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