Tuesday, December 6, 2011

and coming soon to Android

Tonight I heard a phrase once again that I have been hearing very often lately.... "coming soon to Android". Everyone knows that today, in December 2011, the iFruit company's iOS has the most Apps of any system. In my humble opinion, and I have been wrong once or twice before, that will change in the next year or so.

With the tragic loss of their soul, Steve Jobs, I am hereby predicting the gradual, but continuous, decline of  iFruit products. It happened the first time he left the company and I feel it will happen again. I remember seeing the NeXT computers he built while he was away from iFruit and thought he was truly a visionary. He saw things as they could be, not as they were.

Android tablets and phones have a strong and diverse industry behind them. They are gaining market share rapidly and, in my opinion, have already surpassed iOS. Rest in peace Mr. Jobs, you were one in a milllion.

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