Friday, December 23, 2011

Another MSFT boo-boo

Ever since Steve Ballmer took the reigns as CEO of MSFT they have made one bad move after another. Today I learned about their latest decision: January 2012 will be their last CES Show. What? Are you nuts? Do you think it's still 1995 and people can't wait for the next version of Windows? Gimme a break!!

Ballmer has proven to be short-sighted and wrong-headed many many times. MSFT has been thrashing around trying to find traction to get their stock price back up instead of having it stuck in a terrible rut. Decisions like pulling out of CES are examples of why they get it all wrong.

The world of computers is shifting rapidly to CE devices and away from traditional computers. Today's buyers want devices like Tablets and internet-connected TVs, not PCs. MSFT either can't see that or isn't capable of making the changes they need to make with their current leadership.

It's time for them to make drastic changes or else they are doomed.

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