Friday, December 9, 2011

GDGT: Live in San Francisco - The Last Part

By Bayle Emlein

Looking to upgrade your photographic results if not your personal skills? Look at the new line of Olympus cameras. When my box Brownie broke, I replaced it with an Olympus, which served me very well for many years. Olympus has scored another home run with the E-PM1. Not quite as small as my Pen-D, but still definitely heading for a stocking or a purse near me. Possible even a pocket–not in my skinny jeans, but even with extra lenses I could carry it in a jacket and not strain my shoulder or my budget. or your favorite browser for shopping without reading about specs first.

Logitech has a line of keyboards that they call solar rechargeable. But they’re really light-powered, charging up on the ambient light in most work spaces. I had so much fun watching the snap-out keyboard pop out of the Logitech iPad case and slide back under that I almost forgot about the rest of the Logitech table, even the slick little speaker with a touchpad control panel on top. for information, browse for shopping opportunities.

Twonky software applications let you manage, stream, share your stuff or stuff about your interests. Windows, Mac, Linux, web–beam them all to the device and people of your choice.

T-Mobile powers a variety of phones as well as the GDGT show. Check them out at to match features with your needs.

TiVo set the standard for management of personal entertainment and media. Not standing still, they continue to add resources and improve ease of operation. See what’s new at

Roxio has expanded its horizons. GameCapture Capture enables real-time game play from your Xbox 360 or PS3 to your PC while you are playing live on your television screen. It also makes it easy to add transitions, voice-overs, and overlays to your captured game play so you can highlight high scores and best moves. Then the user can easily share on YouTube or Facebook. Whether you want to show off, offer tips, or post a game review, this tool allows the user to employ actual footage as well as commentary.

The size of a lipstick or cigarette lighter (you’ve seen them in old movies, haven’t you?) the Looxcie 2 wearable digital camcorder lets you take movies hands-free. Show them what you see, record action sports from a player’s point of view. Possibilities limited only by the wearer’s creativity. Get started at

Connect an Orb to any stereo in your house. Connect one to every stereo you own. The Orb can use your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as a remote control to browse your entire music collection, as well as your favorite content from Pandora, SiriusXM Internet Radio and gazillions of Internet radio stations. It looks like a small mouse pad. With zero hassle, it does what miles of wires around the house tried to do. Just plug it in and listen in every room. Details and more Orb devices at

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