Thursday, December 8, 2011

GDGT: Live in San Francisco - Part 3

By Bayles Emlein

Ooh! Ooohhh!! Another think I just gotta have now: 3M had some absolutely cute mobile projectors so that instead of squinting at your smartphone or iPod you and your friends can easily see what’s on the screen and even get the display big enough so you don’t have to distribute breath mints before sharing the view. I’m sure that when someone dubbed these thing “pocket projectors” it was with full awareness of the potential pocket-protector jokes just a short typo away. And the viewing potential is awesome too. Online shopping opportunities too numerous to mention, and any of these would fit into my stocking. Really.

The Sony Streaming Player with Wi-Fi SMP-N100 gives the big picture for  entertainment streaming with TV, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu Plus and many more services available. I was so busy being entertained, I almost skipped over the trusty Vaio upgrade. A bit too big for a stocking, but would still be a welcome addition to my Road Warrior kit. For either product line, start looking at or just start shopping in your browser of choice.

Incipio (in-SIP-ee-oh) makes cases and covers and bags and screen protectors for iPhones/iPods, Mac Books, eReaders and a variety of tablets. Really slick: the iPhone 4 4S offGRID™ Backup Battery Case holds a concealed battery, built right into the fully-iPhone 4 protective case. In addition Incipio offers a variety of chargers and back-up power solutions for other devices.

The Slingbox Pro HD adds high def capabilities to the power of the Slingbox Solo that enables you to access your entire home theater from anywhere in the wired, or wireless, world. Take all the comforts of home  with you wherever you go and manage your home entertainment system without having to race to the house to flip switches.

G-Technology from Hitachi offers a number of compact external hard drives for iDevices. Back up your iPad or Airbook wirelessly. The 9 ounce G-Drive 750 GB Mini would fit perfectly into my stocking or purse and store plenty of resources to get me through airport delays.

Kinoma is an open-source software platform for developers using a variety of hardware devices–from handheld mobile to smart furniture. At the beginning of 2011  Marvell purchased Kinoma, which had been founded by former Apple employees in 2002. These developments provide an easy-to use app development environment, allowing the programmer to focus on productivity rather than coding. Interested in doing it yourself? Start off at

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