Monday, December 5, 2011

GDGT: Live in San Francisco - Part 2

By Bayle Emlein

WeVideo is a cloud-based video editing application. Before you get all tense about video editing, view a few samples on YouTube or go to and find out how easy it can be.

HTC of course has a stable of new phones with a range of options. I’d be more than happy to spend more quality time with the Android-based EVO 4G. You can start looking at the product line at or just start shopping in your favorite browser.

The Western Digital WD TV Live Hub Media Center gives you more options and power than were available to the typical TV station manager a decade ago. Services include AccuWeather, Anime TV, Blockbuster on Demand, CinemaNow, Comedy Time, Dailymotion, Deezer, Flicker, flingo, Flixster, huluplus, Live365, Mediafly, Netflix, etc, etc a potential of 27 more screens.

On the go or while pretending to productivity, listen to your music your way via Slacker Personal Radio. Select your favorite artists and genres, avoid those that irritate you or remind you of unfortunate incidents. Maybe even create a playlist that helps you focus when you know you need to. However you want to design it, start at

Still need help sorting through all the electronic options. Try Dijit Personal Media Assistant. For iOS and Android, the Dijit app turns gives your smartphone universal remote control capability, access to program and movie guides and allows content discovery and sharing. You could spend an entire weekend just reading the program listings for all cable and satellite providers in North America. Start at

Phiaton Moderna Series (MS) binaural headphones are engineered to have accurate response and resonance-free playback. The ear cups are designed for comfort whether at home or on the go. The flexible “fold and go” design makes them an ideal travel companion or unobtrusive office mate. Do something really nice for someone you care about, particularly yourself. Check them out at an amazing variety of online and brick-and-mortar outlets.

Dropbox seem like a good idea that almost works for you? Try SugarSync, an Internet-based file sharing service that gives you control of how much of your stuff you share and with whom. With fewer restrictions on what and how much you can put in the cloud, you can manage your data, pictures, and other important stuff from anywhere you have an Internet connection, including from mobile devices. SugarSync will be preloaded on new Lenovo laptops or a 30-day free trial gives you the opportunity to experiment doing it your way from any computer.

Kodak continues to expand and improve its line of printers. GDGT attendees were offered the opportunity to email any photo (from a smartphone, of course) and have it immediately printed out. A fun memento of the evening. There are real-world practical applications in education and science. And probably some entrepreneurial opportunities: instead of waiting until the proofs of from the high school prom come back in 3 weeks, set up a smartphone and printer station near the coat room and charge for the immediate gratification of showing off on paper. Start looking at

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