Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eating season

Ah, eating season has begun in earnest. (Halloween barely provides appetizers, unless one is dedicated to various shapes and colors of sugar.) Black Friday has dawned and set. CyberMonday followed suit. Heck, I’m just about out of opportunities for all of Black November. That means that it’s shopping season.

No more picking up this, adding that to my shopping cart as I breeze without focus through stores and websites. This is IT, time to buckle down and finalize the data in each cell in my gift-giving spreadsheet.

What a relief to know that I’m scheduled for the GDGT LIVE Tech Showcase in San Francisco just as Santa gets desperate for help. I am so looking forward to the opportunity to see (with my fingers of course) the latest gadgets and be re-inspired with shopping fervor.

I regard supporting the private-sector economy as part of my civic duty, and am ready to leap to the rescue of world markets. And just in case you haven’t finished your shopping yet, tune in again at the end of the week to see what new gadget I can’t live without.

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