Saturday, November 26, 2011

The One That got Away

It has happened at more than one so, so none of you vendors out there need to wonder, “Is my slip showing?”

I’m at a trade show. There are so many vendors and goodies that I can barely list them in the time available. But I’m doing my level best to get a balanced picture and an information package from each and every vendor.

Things are going fine with my time budget of 3.2679 minutes per company when I come upon a rep engaged in earnest conversation with another attendee. OK, that’s fair. Many vendors have learned how to include more than one listener in their spiel and to accommodate late comers to the conversation and then incorporate individual questions.

But these two are engaged (married?) In deep and exclusive dialog. I cannot get a word in to just ask for a card or press kit, neither visible at the booth. I go on to another vendor, then return. Conversation unchanged.

After two or three iterations, my path takes me onward. I’m still wondering: were they discussing last night’s game or was the vendor chatting up an angel who will take the company to the next level? There’s another story I didn’t get.

Oh, well. If you noticed who I am, please email me contact details and information about the product you’d most rather be reading about here instead of a rerun of my favorite trade show pet peeve.

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