Monday, November 14, 2011

The growth of Tablet computers

One of the perks of writing reviews is being in on the beginnings of a hardware product line and watching it mature as time goes by. I have fond memories of the birth, maturation and, sometimes, the death of several wonderful lines. PDAs were started by the Palm Pilots, then challenged by WinCE and a slew of other challengers. I’m still enjoying that ride tremendously because they have matured into today’s Smartphones.

Tablet devices are the latest devices that we’re watching grow. Just a year ago they were still crude mash-ups that were poor shadows of real computers. In just over twelve months they have blossomed into great little powerhouses that have literally killed the Netbook market. Rest in peace Netbooks, I loved you way back when.

Many thanks to the iFruit company for creating the iPads, they have caught people’s imagination and have created a whole new industry. Whether very many of the non-iFruit products will thrive, or even survive, is still open to question. The iFruit company dominates Tablet sales at this point but that an all change quickly in this business. As a matter of fact, the very health of all of the iFruit company’s products are questionable since the loss of Mr. Jobs. Without his vision they may stubble in the future, much as they did the last time he left the company many years ago. For now, we’re still enjoying the Tablet ride and will continue to review them regularly.

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