Tuesday, November 1, 2011

iPhone 4S battery problems

Has anyone else noticed the incredible quiet surrounding the problems that are being reported with battery life for the iPhone 4S? Normally I would expect an uproar when a fabulously successful product (millions and millions sold) has a major flaw. The rumor mill says that the iFruit company knows about the battery draining problem and doesn't have a solution for the problem yet. That means the iFruit company won't say a word about it until they have a solution for the problem that only a few people have reported (even if the few people are 99% of the buyers). It's a typical iFruit tactic: deny, deny, deny, oh, that's old news.

Google just announced an update to their Google+ app for Android devices that has improved battery life. Hmmm, I haven't heard even one complaint about Google+ draining battery life. This sounds like a round-about way of saying that Android devices won't suck all of your battery life.... unlike iFruit phones. Nice swipe Google, I like it.

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