Monday, November 21, 2011

Tablet sales projections

We've just read some interesting predictions on sales of Tablet computers in the all important 4th quarter. Since this quarter is when most people do their big holiday shopping, it's crucial for most manufacturers.

As usual, the iFruit company is still the market leader in the category with 9 million projected sales (down from 11 million, btw). The new Amazon Kindle Fire really is on fire with projected sales up to 6 million from the original 4 million. That's a really significant number and it's surprisingly large. I can see why the iFruit company keeps suing Amazon and Google trying to keep their sales lead in the category.

The bad news for all of the other makers of Tablets is that their sales continue to sputter. The Tablet/eReader category really is dominated by the two big players and everyone else seems to be a distant also ran.

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