Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NewerTech products - Part 1

We recently received several products from NewerTech (also known as Other World Computing) to review that are specifically designed for iFruit products.

The first OWC product we tested was the NewerTech Pad Protector 2, a really beautiful leather carrying folio. Very few of the tablet computers or eReaders we’ve tested come with a carrying case or sleeve and that means your very expensive touch screen is unprotected when your carrying it around. OWC has created an ideal solution to that problem if you’re an iPad 2 user.

What’s in the box:
The slim leather case
A clear plastic screen protector
A suede cleaning cloth

The Pad Protector 2 is available in three colors black, cognac and red. We were sent the black version and it’s very well designed and constructed. There is a soft lining inside that provides a nice non-slip feeling. The case has cutouts for all of the controls and the rear facing camera.

An iPad 2 fits in the case snuggly and the lightweight case feels incredibly natural with the case on. The clear plastic screen protector is one of the best we’ve tested and actually had fewer “bubble” problems than others we’ve tested.

The case can be used as a “kickstand” and can be used as a limited range way of propping the iPad 2 up for viewing.

Recommendation: If you have an iPad 2 then you need on of these excellent cases.

Price for the Pad Protector 2 is $39.95 on their web site. They also have an incredible selection of other cases available if you aren’t too fond of this particular design.

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