Friday, November 11, 2011

ThumbsPlus v.8 SP1 software

I have been a huge fan of Cerious Software's ThumbsPlus software. It is my absolute favorite photo software and it has just gotten better. Here's the announcement we received yesterday:

Cerious Software releases ThumbsPlus version 8 SP1

It has been a long time since ThumbsPlus v7 was released – but we are still here with version 8!

Despite the huge influx and pervasiveness of copy-cat software, not one has yet managed to match ThumbsPlus – one of the original thumbnail making programs for Windows®.  Cerious Software has been managing your images, movies, clip art, fonts and even your sound files since 1993; and we still top the competition with our huge feature list, ease of use, support choices and the kindness we show to our customers.

The new and improved ThumbsPlus version 8 SP1 is now available!

Our customers asked and we listened:

Here are a few of the most-requested changes in the new release of ThumbsPlus.  For more comprehensive details, see the release notes at

  • Windows® 7 support.
  • New layout features for those who want the look and feel of ThumbsPlus v7 but want all of the new functionality of v8 SP 1 – or for those who adjusted the panels to a point that it’s confusing. The default display layout, menus, and  toolbars have changed.
  • We've made amazing improvements to movie thumbnailing speed as well as improved compatibility with many different codecs found online.
  • Database backup and restore, including when thumbnails are stored in separate files.
  • Storing thumbnails with files now works flawlessly, allowing for a nearly unlimited database size even when using the default Access database.
  • Support for longer file and path names (up to 400 characters) in databases which support them.
  • All dates and times are now stored – and handled internally – in ISO 8601 standard format for easier collation and readability.
  • As an option, all XMP metadata (including standard EXIF fields) may be copied to the database. In databases which support it (i.e., SQL Server), this information may be directly searched by queries in SQL Server Management Studio.
  • The JET database engine (Access format) will continue be supported for the time being; however, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, and Firebird offer larger databases, and better performance and reliability in multi-user configurations.
  • SQLite3 offers improved performance for non-shared database (stand-alone), and does not top out at 2GB as does Access.
  • For Access and SQLite3 databases, you can store the thumbnails in files external to the database, offering near unlimited support for the number of thumbnails in even an Access (.tpdb8) database.
  • Lengthened keyword size to 255 characters.
  • You can now customize all menus (including context menus), toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts.  Any menu selection or list may now be placed on the toolbar.
  • We implemented the Metadata Batch Editor (XMP/IPTC/EXIF), File - Edit Metadata.

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